Call For Mentors! Cura Personalis Mentoring Program Applications are LIVE!

Would you like to be a mentor for upcoming academic year? The Cura Personalis Mentoring Program (CPMP) is designed to provide incoming first-year and second-year students from underrepresented populations an opportunity to become acclimated and succeed at the University. 

Faculty/Staff mentors are critical to the success of CPMP. If you are someone who is able to develop positive relationships while providing guidance to first-year and second-year students during their academic journey, we need you! 


  • Expand your skills - You'll learn skills that will make you a better manager and leader while improving your judgement and decision-making abilities. As a Faculty/Staff Mentor, you'll encounter different situations that call for compassion, resourcefulness, and good listening skills. 

  • Meet new people - It's not just the new students who'll be building friendships, you'll connect with other mentors through various events, workshops, and activities. 

  • Improve your career profile - People who are seen as mentors are granted higher credibility and are seen as higher performers. 

  • You'll make a difference - Real growth and development doesn't just come from information, it's from relationships. Positive relationships have the ability and power to unleash untapped potential. When you can share with your mentee that "this is possible, and this is possible for YOU," you can open up entirely new paths in their life. 


  • Agree to the faculty/staff mentoring role for a full academic year 

  • Agree to meet with mentee at least 2x a month 

  • Agree to attend mentor monthly gatherings 

  • Agree to attend mandatory training sessions 

  • Agree to notify Program Coordinator of mentee progress and concerns 


  • Be a current Fairfield University faculty/staff employee or graduate student 

  • An appreciation for working with people different from you  

  • Have a good understanding of the mission and work of the Office of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs 

  • Knowledgeable about university resources 

  • Understand the skills necessary to be a successful student 


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