Reminder! Submit Your FYE Event Proposal Today

Dear Campus Partners,

We are excited to welcome submissions for FYE events for the Class of 2025.
For those that don’t know, all first year students are enrolled in FYE and as part of their passing requirements they must attend 5 events that fall into our four categories: Connect, Inspire, Thrive and Thrive- Race/Racial Justice. 
First-Year Students are required to attend a number of different kinds of campus events to encourage engagement in their first semester. You may choose for your event to be considered as one of the following:
Connect event will push students to interact with each other in an informal and casual social activity, allowing them to step out of their comfort zones and meet other Fairfield students.
An Inspire event will push students to engage in higher learning beyond the classroom, thus motivating them to expand their mind for the greater good.
Thrive event is intended to reach a critical mass of the first year class, and therefore should be an event that touches on a key part of the university’s mission and the mission of the First Year Experience. Thrive events should use storytelling or engaging narratives to broaden students’ understanding of key topics including but not limited to Jesuit, Catholic mission and identity, social justice and responsibility, college transition and culture shock, curricular and co-curricular planning, identity development, health and wellness, civic engagement, and global perspectives etc.
Thrive- Race/Racial Justice event meets the criteria of a general Thrive event while also focusing on the topic of race/racial justice. Intersectionality with other mission-related topics is encouraged. 
The preferred deadline for FYE Event submissions is August 31st but we will accept them on a rolling basis if you contact us.
Please submit your FYE event here  
For assistance with the event process, you can find our FYE Event Checklist attached to this email and linked here
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions.

The FYE Team

For more information, contact The FYE Team / 203-254-4053 /