CAE Resource on Syllabi Now Available

Dear Colleagues -
We at the CAE have been grateful to see and support your many preparations as we approach the start of classes.  To assist you with your syllabus preparations, we have prepared a Quip page with a variety of materials that include pertinent topics that you may want to include in your syllabus or introductory materials to students.  These include recommendations from best practices for teaching and learning; sample language addressing COVID-related expectations in the classroom (see more on this language and its provenance on the Provost’s COVID page at; and a link to a Microsoft Word template version of the syllabus that fully meets ADA accessibility requirements for computer/mobile device screen readers. 
You can find this reference document at As always, feel free to reach out to us at to discuss any pedagogical questions or challenges you may encounter. 
Best of luck with the new semester,
Carol Ann Davis
Jay Rozgonyi
Emily Smith
Debbie Whalley
Senior Instructional Technologist and Assessment Manager
The Center for Academic Excellence

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