Wellness Wednesday Yoga Classes for Faculty/Staff

Date: 10-06-2021

Location: RecPlex

You are invited to attend our Wednesday Noon Yogalates and 4:45pm Yoga classes w/Jeannie.  No RecPlex membership is required for you to join either of  these two classes. 

Yogalates is a 1 hour lunchtime class pairing of Yoga and Pilates.  Your instructor applies the principals of both practices to each pose.  Class will consist of Yoga stretching and strengthening with a focus on the Pilates core and the breath connecting your body to mind, movement and soul. 

Yoga class is Vinyasa and/or Yin and classes run an hour and a quarter at the end of your work day. You can choose to practice either one or both in the same class.  Vinyasa yoga is mindfully moving from pose to pose connecting breath to each and every movement. Building strength and flexibility while maintaining a calm and peaceful mind.  Yin yoga consists of long holdings of passive postures that work deep into the connective tissue and joints.  

Bring your yoga mat and some water!

Spaces is limited.  Email Betsy Blagys to reserve your spot.  Reservations for class start on Mondays. 


For more information, contact Betsy Blagys / ext. 2120 / eblagys@fairfield.edu