Let’s Honor World Mental Health Day Together With Calm

World Mental Health Day is October 10th and it’s a great reminder to check in on how we are really feeling. After this challenging year, many of us are experiencing symptoms of burnout or malaise on top of some of us managing ongoing mental illnesses.

Being a human being isn’t always easy—but we don’t have to navigate our struggles on our own.

Wherever you are in your mental health journey, you have resources from Calm to help manage anxiety, sleep better, and cope with change:

        Join mindfulness instructor and author Jeff Warren for an interactive event open to beginners, skeptics, and experienced meditators alike. RSVP for the October 14 (12pm) event here: https://business.calm.com/events/meditation-and-chat-with-jeff-warren-2021?utm_source=b2b-cstmkt&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1021-WMHD-event-comms-template

        Haven’t activated your free Calm subscription? If you’re a regular part time or full time employee, sign up here with your work email address: https://www.calm.com/b2b/fairfield-university/subscribe

This World Mental Health Day, let’s destigmatize this conversation together and support one another.

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