Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tip - Protecting Data

What is PII?
PII is Personally Identifiable Information.
This can include home addresses, social security numbers, date of birth, health information, and credit card numbers.

Protecting Data
Below are some tips to help protect data.

  • Files: Back them up to your Fairfield University OneDrive or Dropbox account.  Ensure they require authentication to access and only the appropriate people have access to them.
  • Encryption: Encrypt all of your devices' data storage drives.  Encrypt files when storing and sharing.
  • Passwords: Use unique, complex passwords on different sites and systems.
  • Updates: Stay up to date with operating system and application updates.
  • Antivirus: Run and stay up to date with antivirus software.
  • USB Drives: Don't use them; if you must, encrypt and protect them with a password.
  • Lock: Lock your computer, phone, mobile device and any other devices before leaving your desk.
  • Destroy: Shred any unneeded documents.  Wipe devices before discarding.
  • Paper: Remove any papers which may contain PII from your workspace on a daily basis.
  • Compliance: Stay up-to-date on compliance and security training

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