New Equipment From ITS

ITS is committed to ensuring that our community has the equipment needed to work as effectively as possible.  Installing new computers in a timely manner is one of our key goals. As you’ve likely seen on the news, factory shutdowns, chip shortages, and personnel shortages have greatly affected the shipping industry and global supply chains. Unfortunately, Fairfield is not immune to these global forces and we've seen our shipments similarly delayed. Despite placing orders earlier than ever this year, we are seeing significant delays in order fulfillment for certain items.   The good news is, we’ve recently seen some forward momentum in this area and some backordered items are starting to arrive.  Although we have already reached out to many of you, if you have pressing needs for equipment that has not arrived yet, we are happy to explore alternative solutions.

ITS would like to thank you for your continued patience as we work through this. We will continue to be in touch and will schedule additional new installs as soon as shipments arrive.


For more information, contact Jenn Anka / 203-254-4049 /