Families and Politics: How to engage family in political conversations at the table ft. Braver Angles

Date: 11-11-2021

Time: 04:00 PM

Location: BCC200

More often than not we have those moments in our lives where a family member or friend will want to talk about a sensitive political topic at the dinner table. Sometimes it's not easy to navigate these conversations nor is it always an amicable one. Here, we would like to talk about why this is the case and work on some ways to traverse these typically heated conversations. 

We will be joined in this conversation by Braver Angels, an organization dedicated to these kinds of discussions as well as civic engagement. 

Related Web Site : https://fairfield.campuslabs.com/engage/event/7569752

For more information, contact Zachary Quinones / 2039162388 / zquinones@fairfield.edu