New Fac/Staff Wellness Wednesday Classes at the RecPlex!

Date: 11-10-2021

Location: RecPlex

This week we are adding an early morning spin class as well as a 5 p.m. Hot HIIT class to our Wellness Wednesday program.  Noon Yogalates will also be available but there is no 4:45 yoga class tomorrow (11/10).

Both the Spin and HIIT Classes are cardio intense BUT you can, with the instructor's guidance, bring the class to your level of fitness.  (google "Hot HIIT" for class description).

If you want to take the 7 a.m. Spin class and do not have an IMLeagues account, email Betsy Blagys by 5:00pm TODAY.  While we do accept walk ins, there is no guarantee that a bike will be available.  Sneakers are fine.  You do not need spin shoes.

For more information, contact Betsy Blagys / ext. 2120 /