Happy Holidays from Calm!

The holidays can be a special time for celebrating traditions with our family and friends, but they can also bring up difficult emotions, especially for those of us who are managing feelings of burnout, grief, or anxiety. As we wrap up a busy, challenging year, let’s set aside some time to care for our mental health by practicing a powerful mindfulness exercise: Self-compassion. These resources from our partner Calm will help us get started:

  • Learn about Radical Self-Compassion in this masterclass by a world-renowned meditation teacher, Tara Brach
  • Use Calm’s Mindful Holidays journal to reflect on your mental health needs this season
  • Strengthen your self-compassionate mindset with the 7 Days of Self Esteem meditation series

To get started: 

  • If you're already registered, log into your Calm account with your University email address
  • If you're not registered, visit this link https://www.calm.com/b2b/fairfield-university/subscribe and sign up with your University email address.
  • Once registration is complete, you can download the Calm app and log into your new account. 
*Calm is free for all regular part time (scheduled 20+ hours) and full time employees at Fairfield University and Prep.*

Related Web Site : https://www.calm.com/b2b/fairfield-university/subscribe

For more information, contact Blythe Josovitz, Director of Benefits & Comp. / x. 2995 / bjosovitz@fairfield.edu