In Concert from Germany - Daniel Kahn & Christian Dawid: Borders & Ballads

Date: 02-08-2022

Time: 05:00 PM

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Please join us for an exciting event - In Concert from Germany "Daniel Kahn & Christian Dawid: Borders & Ballads," Daniel Kahn is a Detroit-born, Hamburg-based singer/songwriter, klezmer musician, and Yiddish translator; to be joined by klezmer clarinetist Christian Dawid.

Expat Yiddish troubadour Daniel Kahn is joined by his long-time collaborator and bandmate from The Painted Bird, Berlin's legendary klezmer multi-instrumentalist Christian Dawid for an intimate evening of broken ballads, crooked klezmer, prison laments, revolutionary hymns, and apocalyptic blues. Kahn's celebrated new solo album, "word beggar," is an intimate program of his translations and settings of revolutionary, modern, and heartbreaking poems and songs, including Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

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Sponsored by the Bennett Center for Judaic Studies

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