A Conversation With Glenn Llopis: “Unleashing Individuality” - Wednesday, February 23 at 7:00 PM

Date: 02-23-2022

Time: 07:00 PM

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We inadvertently keep people functioning far below their full capacity. We fail to see and support each other’s full humanity. We hold people back. We can’t a­fford to have people feeling stifled and suppressed as we tackle our most urgent challenges.

Author and strategist Glenn Llopis will be joined in conversation with Fairfield University student, Peter Baron ’23, for a conversation around unleashing individuality and how this leadership skill unlocks all others. 

Author and strategist Glenn Llopis breaks individuality down into its component parts and off­ers a practical method to help you and your organization continuously assess, interrupt and pivot from suppressing to unleashing. In this, his fourth book, Glenn reveals the 5 indicators that prevent institutions across healthcare, corporate and higher education from making false assumptions about who belongs where, doing what, and how.

Pete Baron is a junior with an individually designed major, titled “Socioeconomic Inequities: Inevitable or Avoidable?” On Campus, Pete is the founder and leader of the Honors Social Justice Book Club, an editor for the Honors Newsletter, and a member of the Alpha Sigma Nu Honors Society and the St. Bellarmine Pre-Law Society.

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