Workday - Instructions for Generating Payments for Student Awards

Instructions for Generating Payments for Student Awards in Workday –

Purpose -

This document provides directions on the steps to generate semester/year end Award payments (not stipends for student workers) to students.


Setting up Student as Supplier

In order to process student awards in Workday, the student must first be set up as a supplier within Workday. Use “Create Supplier Request” to initiate the creation

The following fields should be omitted (not completed) when completing the form (This information will be entered by purchasing later)

- Tax Authority Form Type

- Tin Type

- Tax ID #

In the justification field please enter “Student Award

A signed/completed W-9 or W-8-BEN (for non-resident alien) form must be attached to the request. If submitting form W-8-BEN a tax ID number must be provided in field 5  - U.S Taxpayer ID or field 6 – Foreign Tax Identifying Number (may be both, but at least one must be provided). If purchasing is not provided with a tax id number, the supplier cannot be created and the award cannot be issued. When submitting form W-8-BEN, you will also need to provide a copy of the student’s passport and Visa.


Generation of Payment within Workday

Once the “Create Supplier Request” has been completed, you will need to use “Create Supplier Invoice Request” using the Spend Category “Student Awards” to create the payment request. You will need to attach documentation to the request showing the announcement of the winner (legal name), the award name and amount of the award. Student awards are considered “Other Income” for IRS reporting purposes and a 1099-misc form will be issued to any student who receives more than $600.00 in awards (this a combined total for awards in the year). Please note that payments to non-resident aliens may be subject to a Federal withholding tax depending on the Tax Treaty’s between the U.S. and the student’s home country.

If you want the check held for pickup, please note that in the memo field in the header of the Supplier invoice Request, however we prefer that checks are mailed to the student’s home address as checks are easily misplaced or lost when handed out at award ceremonies.

For more information, contact Robert Messert / X-2161 /