Wellness Wednesday Yoga Reminder

Date: 03-02-2022

Location: Quick RecPlez

A reminder for all University Faculty and Staff.  In honor of our Wellness Wednesday initiative, you are invited to take one of two yoga classes on Wednesdays during the semester!  The noon class is yoga with a concentration on building core strength.  The 4:45 yoga class can be Vinyasa or Yin.  Your choice (please google for descriptions).

Our classes are good for all levels of experience -- from beginners to master yogi.   You will need to bring your own yoga mat and water.  We do have a few for "rent" at the equipment room in the RecPlex.  You must provide a stag card for the rental and we suggest you bring a towel be be used over the mat.

If you do not currently have an IMLeagues account, email Betsy Blagys to register for class.  Hope to see you on Wednesdays!

For more information, contact Betsy Blagys / ext. 2120 / eblagys@fairfield.edu