Join a Professional Learning Community on Antiracism this Spring

Dear Colleagues,

We at the CAE want to thank the community of practice represented by each and every one of you each day that you walk into your classes, meet with students or gather together, and, of course, when you join us at the Center. Today we write to share with you (at the link below) some of the antiracist teaching and learning resources we have co-developed with you over the years as well as to invite you to stay engaged (and together) as you work in real time to interrupt and mitigate cycles of racism in your teaching and in your practice.

We have found that our own progress toward an antiracist practice has been greatly assisted by meeting regularly and in small groups in learning communities. Indeed, this week and last, those already-existing communities centered on antiracist teaching and learning have assisted faculty and professional staff as we engage in challenging and necessary conversations in classrooms, schools, programs, and departments. So we would like to invite any additional faculty and professional staff who would like to engage in a professional learning community (PLC) to join us by responding to the survey at by Monday, March 7. The survey asks a few questions about your interest and focus within the work of antiracism (classroom teaching, professional meeting practices, community- or capacity-building, affinity cohorts, etc.), as well as your available times. From this information, we can then place you in a small group that will meet regularly on Zoom.

Please also see the attached document for additional short- and long-term opportunities to advance antiracist practice, and reach out to us at any time for consult, conversation, and community.  


Carol Ann Davis
Jay Rozgonyi
Emily Smith
Debbie Whalley
Center for Academic Excellence

Resource Document - 
Acting in Community: The CAE and Antiracist Pedagogy

For more information, contact Jay Rozgonyi / 2416 /