Product Development Experience - Paul Hebert, Hebert Engineering & Design Company

Date: 03-24-2022

Time: 05:00 PM

Location: zoom

Who: Paul Hebert, Hebert Engineering & Design Company
What: A view from 33 years of product development experience. The step-by-step process of bringing a product from the concept stage to manufacturing and the marketplace
When: March, 24, 2022, 5pm, Thursday
Where: Zoom (details on web page)
Cost: Admission is Free

This is an introduction to Hebert Engineering & Design Company and the process they use for product design & development, engineering, prototyping, IP protection, outsourced manufacturing, and their onsite quality control services. We will use products we have worked on as real-world examples of our procedures.
This will cover:
1. Product design & development/engineering
2. Understanding if your product has a viable market before you start
3. Prototyping (kinds of prototypes and the uses, and the building process)
4. Patents and what is important with IP, including NDA’s
5. Outsourced manufacturing in the USA or China
6. Package design and shipping packaging
7. Why onsite quality control and factory representation is so important
8. Shipping methods and customs, and current shipping problems
9. A quick introduction to Hebco, LLC and our process and what is needed for product presentation to our retailer contacts
10. Possible pitfall to avoid
11. Q & A
Speaker Biography:

Paul Hebert is the president/CEO of Hebert Engineering and Design Company LLC (HEDC), established in 1988 HEDC has specialized in product design, product development, and manufacturing setup for inventors, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-size businesses. Paul is a mechanical engineer, manufacturing engineer, and industrial designer and graduated from Porter and Chester Institute, Hartford State Technical College, and the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. Over the last 30 years, Paul is been involved in well over 2000 new projects ranging in a multitude of industries (medical, aerospace, sporting goods, consumer goods, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and products, and more).
In 1992 Paul added a machine shop service to his engineering business and was then able to provide tooling and prototype services to its clients. He also started to provide manufacturing factory setup services here in the USA and abroad. These added services allowed Paul to provide a more defined product development service and process for his customers, aiding them from the conceptual stage to the manufacturing stage.
Paul also then added in 1995 several new services which encompassed patent work using a network of patent attorneys and patent search firms. Paul has provided patent drawings services and has acted in a technical advisory capacity to aid his customers through the patent process. Since establishing this service Paul has been involved with over 400 patent applications and has written his own design patents. He also added in 1996 technical brochures/video services and business planning services to create more of a one-stop-shopping environment.
In 1996 Paul also began providing outsourced manufacturing sourcing services here in the US and overseas to his customers. This allowed him to provide his customers with the finished product that could be directly put on store shelves and sold. Paul started traveling to China in 1999 and since 2009 Paul has opened a satellite office in Shanghai, China where he normally travels 2 to 3 times per year. He has provided direct product outsourcing, manufacturing contract negotiations, project management, and on-site quality control services to his customers.
Paul is also an owner and partner in 3 other companies (Winsafe Systems Inc, Snow Be Gone Inc, and Hebco, LLC). He sits on their board of directors for those companies and the board of advisors for his shipping partner.
The Hebco, LLC company was created by Paul with his business partner Dr. Richard Cohen in 2016 to acts as manufacturers representatives for their customers. We establish, sell and manage our customer's product sales to brick and mortar and online retailers. Helping our customers get their products on the self. We have established our network with companies like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Bed Bath and Beyond, Grommet, and many others. We have access to over 10,000 buyers worldwide.
Over the last 30 years, Paul has become an integral part of many of his customer's businesses, acting as a technical advisor and providing quality product development services to help keep his customer's business ventures be productive and profitable.

Hebert Engineering & Design Co. LLC
Paul Hebert, President/CEO
Tel: 860-647-1872 Cell: 860-930-1739

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