Open MINDS Institute with Scott Vickrey, A.C.E, "From Sensation To Flops: Inside A Hollywood Editing Room" - Tuesday, March 22 at 12:00 PM

Date: 03-22-2022

Time: 12:00 PM

Free virtual event; Registration is required at

In this class, a veteran Hollywood film editor will share his insider knowledge from 45 years in the industry. Vickrey began as an assistant and went on to meet and work with Peter Bogdanovich and others of the biggest-name directors and actors in the business, winning an A.C.E. award for Ridley Scott’s The Company.  He will detail what it is like to navigate between the egos of producers and directors; how rewarding it is to end up with successful films or even a box office bomb; how editors take directors’ wishes and translate them into award-winning film experiences; his experience of working on the first season of SNL, and much more.

Scott Vickrey is an American Cinema Editor (A.C.E.) who joined the faculty of the American Film Institute in 2016. He has edited features, documentaries, television series, and Movies of the Week. His most recent credits include The Good Wife and The Long Road Home. He has worked with directors like Peter Bogdanovich, Rob Marshall, Mike Nichols, and Alan Pakula. He has been nominated for three Emmys and six American Cinema Editors awards.

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