Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & the Value of Allyship, sponsored by PwC

Date: 04-06-2022

Time: 05:00 PM

Location: Dolan Event Hall

Have you ever felt like you don't belong in a specific room? Or perhaps you've second guessed yourself on pursuing a new opportunity. Maybe you've questioned whether or not you deserve something you've applied for.

If you can relate to any of these ideas, then you should definitely consider attending PwC's upcoming presentation - "Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and The Value of Allyship." Join PwC and Fairfield alumni as they discuss the effects of imposter syndrome and how to overcome it with the help of community allies. This interactive presentation will give participants actionable tools to fight imposter syndrome and go after the opportunity they are most excited about. 


For more information, contact Michael Cottam / 203-254-4000 Ext. 3987 / michael.cottam@student.fairfield.edu