If Only We Knew -- Book Launch & Signing by undergraduate student author, Peter S. Baron

Date: 03-28-2022

Time: 06:30 PM

Location: Library Auditorium (Room 101)

Peter Baron, a current undergraduate student pursuing a degree for an individually-designed major, has collaborated with the Library on an event to discuss his recently published book, If Only We Knew.

After developing an interest in Ulrich Beck's theory of Risk Society, introduced in his first-year writing course prior to the pandemic, Pete spent the last three years building on that theory to write and publish his first book.

The primary thesis of If Only We Knew is that widespread ignorance (and a lack of willingness to admit or acknowledge ignorance) creates and amplifies our most egregious social problems, and is therefore, the biggest risk to our society and culture.

Pete's work is relevant for anyone interested in rhetoric, risk, nonfiction, journalism, politics, and/or social justice (and his work is arguably relevant to all teachers since education is the antidote to ignorance). 

For this event, Pete will overview his book and discuss the exigence for writing it, followed by a Q&A. There will be copies of the book to purchase, if you like, and an opportunity for the author to sign it.

Please join us in celebrating the ambition and hard work of this remarkable student!

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For more information, contact Tiffany Wilgar / 2034508494 / twilgar@fairfield.edu