An exploration of Electric Vehicle fleet introduction, sustainability, management and energy independence at Fairfield University

Date: 04-28-2022

Time: 03:00 PM

Location: NHS 403

Stag Solar EV & Fleet Management
An Exploration of Fleet Vehicle Sustainability, Management and Energy Independence at Fairfield University

Management of Technology Capstone Project Presentation

For the last century, personal modes of transportation and how we move goods have relied on one source of fuel. Although fossil fuels have powered the unimaginable growth of humankind, the finite nature, endless foreign conflicts, and growing threat to the world’s ecologies have inspired development of cleaner, surprisingly reliable and ultimately more sustainable means of generating and storing power.
American universities across this country are hubs of innovation and the adoption of new ideas. From source power to road power, we explore transitioning Fairfield University’s Fleet vehicles to an all-electric vehicle platform. We hope this project not only inspires University Management, but also educates Staff, Students and Faculty about the coming revolution in how we move ourselves, and our goods.

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