Potential New Club Looking for Advisor: Battle for the Brave

Date: 05-04-2022

Location: Online

This club is called Battle for the Brave. Our goal is to create a platform and space for students to have the opportunity to raise money for a cause that is important to them and their personal stories. Every cause is worth it, but it is undeniable that we each have/had someone "Brave" we want to "Battle" for. Everyone would create or join a team and raise money for the club. When donating, everyone should be aware that the donation could end up with any of our team's causes. The way each team has a chance to "Battle for the Brave" will be at an on campus field day type event (with games like Tug-of-War and Egg and spoon race ect.). There will be a first, second and third place winner. All the money raised will be dispersed to the winners.

For more information, contact Nicole Spina / 2032544000 / nicole.spina@student.fairfield.edu