Calm: Want to be a more understanding teammate?

Creating a diverse, welcoming, and truly inclusive workplace starts with our own inner work of self-reflection and learning.

Reflecting on our own unique identity, bias, and privilege can help us to better understand what it looks like to show up at work fully ourselves—while supporting our coworkers to do the same. Creating an inclusive workplace means ensuring we all feel safe, supported and included at work.

We invite you to set aside time to try one of these simple exercises from Calm (, our partner in mental well-being, to practice non-judgment and enhance your listening skills:
  • Try out the Relationship with Self Series ( and Relationship with Others Series ( for self-reflection and examining the assumptions that we make about others
  • Practice Mindful Listening ( and explore ways you can apply this mindset at work
  • Pause your natural tendency to “put someone in a box” by using this Non-Judgment ( meditation and experience the peace of mind that comes from judging others less 
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