How to restore your work-life balance with Calm

Choosing to prioritize rest in a world that celebrates busyness is not easy. It requires mindfulness, self-awareness, and healthy self-regard. We can all work better, be more productive, and have happier lives if we learn how to adopt a balanced mindset around work and rest.

Our work is an important part of our lives, and it’s often common to overexert ourselves when we have important deadlines to meet or personal financial goals on the horizon. Balancing work and rest in our lives can help us stay positive and get more done at work, which creates more space in our life for downtime, creative play, and improving our relationships.

Know that your health is our top priority, and making time to recover from stress and make time for rest should be yours. In Calm, our partner in mental well-being, find tools and lessons for restoring your work-life balance:

  • Learn to slow down from Dr. Alex Pang in The Power of Rest masterclass (, where he shares how you can avoid burnout and use rest to get more done by working less
  • The next time you have a spare half hour to rest, use a guided Nap Meditation ( to relax your body, close your eyes for a few minutes, then get gently woken up by birdsong
  • Having trouble finding breaks in your workday? Try a quick (11-minute) Back Care ( session with Calm Body to alleviate tension in your back and take a moment to breathe

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