Goodbye OrgSync! Hello "Engage"!

Date: 04-15-2019

Time: 08:00 AM

Location: Campus-Wide

After almost five years using OrgSync as our Student Engagement Platform, the Office of Student Engagement is excited to announce that we are officially migrating to the Campus Labs Engage platform on Monday, July 8th, 2019!

We know you have questions, and we have answers!

Engage Migration FAQ

1.) When is Fairfield University migrating from OrgSync to Engage?

We are very excited to begin the Campus Labs migration process on Monday, July 8th, 2019!

2.) How long will it take to migrate from OrgSync to Engage?

It depends! We have about 5 years of data migrating from OrgSync to Engage, so we are planning for the data migration process to take 2 full days to complete (July 8th & July 9th).

Once the data migration process is complete, we will go through the data to ensure everything migrated over correctly.  Once we are sure that everything migrated over and our processes are in place, we will give the green light to launch Engage campus-wide!

We hope to have it live by Monday, July 15th!

3.) What data will actually migrate over to Engage?

Most of the data currently in OrgSync will migrate over to Engage.  All users, organizations, memberships, events, attendance, and forms and form submissions will migrate.

Please note that there are valuable differences in the Engage data model that do prevent some types of data from migrating. View our comprehensive documentation for a full list of what is migrated.

4.) What is the name of the new platform?

We don't know yet!  We have the awesome opportunity of branding the platform to be unique to our campus, so we are currently collecting ideas and soliciting feedback from the student body right now!  We hope to choose and announce the name of the new platform soon! 

5.) Will there be trainings on how to use Engage?

Absolutely!  We know learning new systems can be stressful, so we are planning on hosting numerous training session for both Admins and regular users of the platform so everyone feels comfortable with the new platform!

6.)  What happens with OrgSync once we migrate over?

A handful of Community Administrators will have access to OrgSync for 90 days after the migration process is complete.  OrgSync will officially be off-line for all other users on July 8th, 2019.

7.) Will there be “down time” when we won’t be able to use either OrgSync or Engage?

Unfortunately, yes.  We anticipate that we will be without both OrgSync and Engage the week of July 8th, but hope to have Engage live as soon as we can!

8.)  Should we wait to launch application processes or begin collecting RSVPs in the meantime?

We recommend continuing to use OrgSync as usual until the end of June.
After June, we recommend waiting until after the migration process to launch any new application processes or begin collecting RSVPs for events via Engage.

There will be a brief period of time when OrgSync and Engage will be unavailable the week of July 8th, so to avoid the disruption in collecting those Form Submissions and/or RSVPs, we think it makes sense to wait until after Engage goes live, if possible!

9.)Will I need to back up all of my data before the migration?

We are confident that the migration process will go smoothly, but if you are worried about data not migrating over correctly, or if you are worried that some things won’t migrate over, we recommend exporting everything and saving it to your computer/share drives just to give you peace of mind.

10.) What Event information will migrate over to Engage?

The following will migrate over:
  • All event occurrences are brought over as individual events
  • Event title
  • Image
  • Description
  • Location
  • Total RSVPs Allowed
  • Visibility
  • Is Invite Only
  • Organization hosting
  • Status
  • All day, date, start and end times
  • Event visibility
Please note that if there are any existing RSVPs for upcoming events, they will not migrate over. This could allow for new users to RSVP compared to what had been previously collected.

11.) Will my Forms and Form Submissions migrate over to Engage?
  • Form submissions with an approved, denied and pending status will migrate.
  • Form submissions that have been re-opened will not migrate as they are not a complete submission.
  • Form submissions with a deferred status will migrate to Engage as pending since deferred is not a status utilized in Engage.
12.) Will Event Attendance migrate over to Engage?

The following information will migrate over:
  • User attended
  • User who swiped them in
  • Event that the attendance belongs to
  • Status (attended, partial)
  • Event attendance creation date
  • Event attendance could connect to either an account or an email

** It is important to note that event hours will not be brought over and self-reported involvement (manually submitted involvement entries) is not brought over because those hours are not tied to a specific event occurrence in Engage.

13.) Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jeremy Kaler via email at or call x2175!

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For more information, contact Jeremy J Kaler / x2175 /