Higher Ed EAP: Everyday Problems Keeping Us Up At Night!

Higher Ed EAP: Everyday Problems Keeping Us Up At Night! 
  • You didn’t deserve that speeding ticket, there's no way you were going 50 mph in a school zone! 
  • You’re usually tolerant of neighbors, but the new next-door folks are having too many loud, late-night parties.
  • Your kitchen contractor is way behind schedule and way over budget. 
  • The new car in your driveway is proving to be a lemon. 
  • A debt collector is hounding you for a bill you already paid.
Some worrisome problems can keep you tossing and turning at night trying to find a solution. Life is full of annoying everyday problems. They can be hard to fix and tend to get worse over time if left unresolved. Many problems entail knowledge about your consumer or legal rights. That’s where Higher Ed EAP can help. As a member, you and your family can access a wide array of legal and consumer rights resources to help you find the answers by logging in to www.theEAP.com/Higher-Education-EAP. Here’s a sampling of free available help: 
  • Legal Resources: Answers to common issues related to consumer law, neighbors and pets, landlord and tenants, taxes, lawsuits, insurance, real estate, and more.
  • Legal Forms: A useful library of 100+ forms to help with common legal situations. Find everything from sample wills, contracts, and agreements to complaint letters, demand letters, and bills of sale.
  • Personal Assistant: Facing a sticky issue that you don’t know how to resolve? Try our ESI Personal Assistant services for help. Simply fill out a brief form to explain the problem.
  • For serious legal issues unrelated to employment or medical concerns, members are eligible to receive a free 30-minute legal consultation per legal issue with an attorney. A 25% discount is applied to legal services billed at an hourly rate if the attorney is retained. Give Higher Ed EAP a call to access this benefit. 
There are several ways to access Higher Ed EAP: 
  • For immediate assistance, dial 1-800-252-4555 to speak directly with a professional counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 
  • Register and log onto www.HigherEdEAP.com 
  • Download, register, and log onto the ESI Employee Assistance mobile app available in the App Store or the Google Play Store. 

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For more information, contact Blythe Josovitz / x.2995 / bjosovitz@fairfield.edu