The 22nd Annual Anne Drummey O'Callaghan Lecture on Women in the Church | Elyse Raby | Santa Clara University

Date: 10-05-2022

Time: 05:00 PM

Location: Dolan School of Business Event Hall

Please join us for the 22nd Annual Anne Drummey O’Callaghan Lecture on Women in the Church


Elyse Raby | Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University, and Fairfield Class of ‘08 will deliver “Whose Body is the Body of Christ?”


“The church is often referred to as “the body of Christ.” But what exactly is a body? In this lecture, I show how the body is used as a symbol of society. Throughout church history, theologians and popes have typically described the human body as self-enclosed and defined by its head in order to justify a vision of the church—the ecclesial body—as set apart from the world and governed by the pope. In our own day, the magisterium’s commitment to gender complementarity reinforces a particularly hierarchical understanding of the church. Bodies, however, are much more complex than the church has typically admitted. New reflections on embodiment and gender can open up new visions of church. Likewise, Pope Francis’ reforms of the church may bring about a new openness to gender diversity in the church.”


Dolan School of Business


Wednesday, October 5th

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