Reflections on American Studies: A Poetry Reading With Adam Boaz

Date: 11-15-2022

Time: 05:30 PM

Location: Library Auditorium

D. Adam Boaz will be completing his Masters Program in American Studies this fall. His course of study has led him to a series of understandings of and reflections on America's historical and cultural impact on the global community. He has placed a number of these into verse in the form of two volumes of poetry; these works attempt to give both creative and realistic voices to the American Experiences of a variety of marginalized people.  At this event, he will read selections from Voices From the Second Life and (The) Existence of Margins. He will also share details about the inspiration for the two volumes, and he will answer questions that attendees might have about his creative process and the influence that his coursework at Fairfield had on his poetry. 

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