Blackboard Ultra Navigation Goes Live May 18th

Date: 05-18-2019

Beginning Saturday, May 18, 2019, Blackboard's Ultra Base Navigation will be activated.

Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation is a modernized, intuitive navigation that consolidates information across all of your courses and provides quick access to the most critical information. It's responsive design will make it easier to navigate on any device, especially mobile.

Once you have logged in after the update, you will have access to core features in the "Ultra Base Navigation" menu where your name appears. You can easily return to the menu from wherever you areā€”even if you're in a course. The menu peeks from behind the other layers you have open.

When you select any link from the menu, you see a global view across all your courses. For example, Grades shows all your grading tasks organized by course. No need to navigate to each course to see what's ready for grading.

Although there will be a new look to the Blackboard landing page, the "Original Course View" within courses will remain active. The only change you will see in courses is that they will all be presented using a new, more modern theme which will be consistent across all courses.

More information on Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation is available by logging into Blackboard and navigating to the Bb Ultra tab.

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