Sign Up for the CAE’s Online Course Design Institute

The Center for Academic Excellence will be offering its next Online Course Design Institute (CDI) beginning in early November and running throughout the month, and we invite all interested faculty who are seeking to develop or enhance fully online courses to attend. The CDI is conducted entirely asynchronously over a series of a three-to-four weeks, with readings and assignments released every five-to-seven days for completion within each of these periods. The amount of time required per module is approximately three hours, and there are a total of four modules in the CDI. Exact dates for the CDI will be determined once we have identified all our participants and can work together to determine a convenient schedule for everyone.

While the Online CDI follows the same general approach as our other CDIs (i.e., using the principles of backward design), the unique feature of this offering is that it allows faculty to become “students within an online course” as a way to see how effective teaching and engagement techniques can be deployed in an asynchronous learning environment. We particularly encourage faculty who are teaching in one of the University’s fully online graduate programs to participate in an online CDI even if they have prior online teaching experience, since Fairfield’s approach to online courses is somewhat unique: we place a greater emphasis than many schools on building community within a course and fostering a high level of engagement between faculty and students - as well as among the students themselves.

If you have any questions, or you wish to participate in November’s Online CDI, please email us at

For more information, contact Jay Rozgonyi / 2416 /