Kintsugi for Faculty and Staff with the Health & Wellness Committee

Date: 11-09-2022

Time: 05:00 PM

Location: McGrath Commons

Kintsugi means “to join with gold”, and refers to the Japanese practice of repairing broken ceramics. It is a valued art form that embraces the Japanese worldview which considers imperfection beautiful. Kintsugi shows us a path to our personal health and wellness.

As we may occasionally stumble and get hurt, Kintsugi can teach us to get back up and literally put the pieces back together. Join us for an afternoon and learn the art of Kintsugi.  This workshop will bring colleagues together to focus on self-care and restoration through art.  Participants will break a ceramic bowl and then focus on putting it back together with glue. Once the piece is put back together the cracks are then painted gold to highlight them. 

If we can learn to accept our imperfections, and stop comparing ourselves to others and start treating ourselves with love, we can appreciate our own strength and beauty.

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