Fredrickson Family Innovation Lab - Stephanie Dinkins "Exploring Transmedia Art Using AI for Social Equity" - Wednesday, November 9 at 7:30 PM

Date: 11-09-2022

Time: 07:30 PM

Free virtual event; Registration is required at

Presented in affiliation with the Fredrickson Family Innovation Lab.

Many algorithmic technologies are rooted in methods that limit and cajole information from the first human and computational assumptions. We assess ourselves using false dichotomies that force inadequate choices building a world bereft of complexity and nuance. The disinclinations of our systems to cope with the unseen, the unknown, difference, and change limit possibilities for everyone. 

Through intelligent technologies --the ones that look like us, the ones that serve us, and the ones that do neither -- we have the ability to understand and organize human activity with complexity and broadly principled care.  So, why aren’t these the goals of our algorithmic doppelgangers, assistants, and technological ecosystems more generally?  

Often envisioned outside the realm of what is technologically possible within artificial intelligence, care is an essential aspect of human information and resource-sharing networks that aid our survival.  Recognition of this idea raises questions such as how can we infuse -- cooperatively, adversarially, or fugitively—ecosystems we depend on as well as the people and institutions that currently hold power with ways of being, values, ethics, and knowledges they are blind to or don't understand?

Stephanie Dinkins is a transmedia artist and professor at Stony Brook University where she holds the Kusama Endowed Chair in Art and runs the Future Histories Studio. Dinkins creates projects that foster dialog about our future histories. Her artwork is exhibited internationally and generously supported by United States Artist, The Knight Foundation, Berggruen Institute, Onassis Foundation,  Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, Creative Capital, Sundance New Frontiers Story Lab, Eyebeam, Data & Society, Pioneer Works, NEW INC, and The Laundromat Project.

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