Out of the Kress Vaults Virtual Event

Date: 11-30-2022

Time: 07:00 PM

Location: Zoom

Join exhibition curator Michelle DiMarzo, PhD ’07 and museum Executive Director Carey Weber for this special virtual tour of “Out of the Kress Vaults: Women in Sacred Renaissance Painting.”

The exhibition – the first in the museum’s history to be co-curated with Fairfield students – explores representations of femininity and virtue in Italian Renaissance paintings of the Virgin Mary, female saints, and nuns. Ranging from small, devotional images intended for the highly gendered spaces of the Renaissance home, to large altarpieces originally on display in churches, these artworks intertwine depictions of idealized beauty with messages of virtue and piety, presenting these women as models of virtue and devotion for emulation – and admiration – by their Renaissance viewers.

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For more information, contact Scott Hibson / 203-254-4000 X 2374 / shibson@fairfield.edu