Looking for an Advisor - Spring Break Humanitarian Action Trip - Abilene, TX

Looking for an Advisor - Spring Break Humanitarian Action Trip - Abilene, TX 

Are you interested in being an advisor to our amazing humanitarian action students over spring break?  The Center for Social Impact is looking for an advisor to lead our annual trip to work with newly resettled refugees in Abilene, TX in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee (IRC).  For more info, please reach out to Julie Mughal - jmughal@fairfield.edu



***Spring Humanitarian Action Immersion Trip to Abilene, Texas


1847e2725c87745b41Saturday, March 11 to Saturday March 17, 2023

International Rescue Committee, Abilene, TX: this transformative trip is offered each spring through the Center for Social Impact.  The group ranges form 8-9 students. The group flies into Dallas and then drives to Abilene, which is about 3 hours west.  The trip provides students an opportunity to work with the International Rescue Committee in its work to help newly resettled refugee in Texas.





Abilene Reflections 2020


~ This service trip has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life so far. As a refugee myself, my personal experience has taught me how to appreciate life more and gave me a different perspective to life. This created this deep passion in me to help other refugees in any way I can as a young college student and further in the future this is something I want to pursue as a career. This trip turned out to be more than I expected to get from it. It was full of life lessons, learning new things about the refugee struggle before and after resettlement..




Julie Mughal

Associate Director, Humanitarian Action, Center for Social Impact

Related Web Site : https://www.rescue.org/united-states/abilene-tx

For more information, contact Julie Mughal / 12032735142 / jmughal@fairfield.edu