Updates to EMS & New Training Opportunities

With the latest EMS upgrade there are a few changes:
  • We've streamlined the Faculty/Staff Room Request process so users can request spaces with and without services from one template.  The Faculty/Staff Room Request template allows users to book Media and Catering when needed, but it is not a requirement to add services if you do not need them.
  • In alignment with University event planning requirements, Media and Catering services must be booked at least 10 days in advance of the event date.  If you have any last-minute service requests, you will NOT be able to input your request via the EMS web portal.  For requests less than 10 days in advance, you have to contact the service providers directly to see if they can accommodate your last-minute request.  Please be advised that last minute requests for these services are discouraged and may not be available, or if available WILL incur additional expenses.
In addition to these changes there are new training opportunities:
  • New and updated tutorials are available in the EMS web portal.  Tutorials can be found on the left column under "Links" when logged into the Fairfield EMS web portal.  
  • If you have specific questions about using EMS or would like one-on-one training, we are offering weekly zoom sessions Tuesdays from 2-3p.  To sign up please visit https://calendly.com/ems-help .  
  • If your department would like specialized in-person training, please reach out to Bridget Dalen - bdalen@fairfield.edu to discuss your needs.

Related Web Site : https://ems.fairfield.edu

For more information, contact Bridget Dalen / 3423 / bdalen@fairfield.edu