Get support for your New Year’s Resolutions with Higher Ed EAP

In any given year, about half the U.S. population makes one or more New Year’s Resolutions. According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, these are the top resolutions people are making for 2023: 
  • 52% - Exercise more
  • 50% - Eat healthier
  • 40% - Lose weight
  • 39% - Save more money
  • 37% - Spend more time with friends & family
  • 20% - Spend less time on social media
  • 19% - Reduce stress on the job
  • 19% - Reduce spending on living expenses
Typically, by the end of January almost half of the resolvers have given up! Experts say it can take months to establish a new habit or routine so try to give your resolutions time to stick. 

You have an edge up with Higher Ed EAP! They have many resources to help you keep your resolutions: self-improvement online classes, counseling and coaching programs, self-help tools, and more. Login to to explore options or call your EAP at 800-252-4555 24/7 for help, support, and tools! 

You can do it and Higher Ed EAP is here to help! 

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