How the arts can be a tool for your courses -- taking advantage of the Curricular Connections Guide

Designed to serve as a resource for Fairfield University faculty and staff, the Curricular Connections Guide is created to foster connections between Fairfield University classes and programming within the Fairfield University Art Museum, Theatre Fairfield, and the Quick Center for the Arts. Included are events we feel are of direct relevance to courses being offered on campus. However we believe that our wide array of programming enhances every student and faculty member’s experience on our campus by bringing diverse perspectives and voices that enrich our lives through more well-rounded experiences. 

How can you use the Guide to enhance your students’ experiences?
  • Encourage your students to attend an arts event and provide extra credit for attendance
  • Encourage students to do reflective writing about their experience with the performance and how it connects to their learning in the classroom
  • Utilize the performance as a resource to enhance your course instruction
  • Schedule an in-class discussion or lecture led by a visiting artist, faculty, or staff member

Faculty who use the Guide can reserve free tickets and tours to many of our events by contacting the program listed on the cover of the Guide.

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