The 2023 Bellarmine Lecture | Rev. Matt Carnes, S.J.

Date: 02-15-2023

Time: 07:30 PM

Location: BCC Dogwood Room

Rev. Matt Carnes, S.J. from Georgetown University will deliver the 2023 Bellarmine Lecture “Forging Hope, Reforging Democracy: A Contribution of Jesuit Universities to the Future.”


The decades since the close of the Cold War have struggled to live up to the hopeful expectations of many around the globe, and the forces unleashed by technological change and ecological disruption cause many more, especially the young, to question prevailing ideas, social, political, and economic models, and their own prospects for the future. Jesuit, Catholic universities offer unique resources, both intellectual and institutional, for forging a new intergenerational and intercultural dialogue, fostering a sense of hope, and contributing to more effective and inclusive democratic governance.


Wednesday, Feb. 15th at 7:30pm | BCC Dogwood Room


This event will be offered in person as well as livestreamed.

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