CAE/NEFDC Workshop - Social Justice and Anti-Racism-Informed Teaching

Date: 03-03-2023

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: NHS 210

Join us for a free workshop on Accomplices in the Classroom: Social Justice and Anti-Racism-Informed Teaching.

Please join the CAE on Friday, March 3, 2023 from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm in NHS 210 to attend the New England Faculty Development Consortium's (NEFDC) Spring 2023 Workshop Series on Social Justice and Anti-Racism-Informed Teaching. Lunch will be served at noon.
Social justice in higher education has evolved to mean creating teaching and learning environments that support all students equitably and seeking to address potential gaps among students based on race-ethnicity, gender identity, religion, ability, or learning potential. Yet, to discuss social justice in higher education we first must face racism within the academy. Reflecting the theme of Authentic Learning and Developing Students as Independent Thinkers, this session explores the concept of “accompliceship” as a more robust and action-oriented alternative to allyship in the classroom. Accompliceship holds that educators cannot simply adopt a series of emancipatory or social justice minded ideas or behaviors. Instead, it calls for educators to take on anti-racist and social justice-informed teaching at the intersections of learning, reflection, self-assessment, and doing, centering perspectives, voices, needs, and goals consistent with anti-racist, inclusive pedagogy. Accomplices and co-conspirators in the classroom are those actively engaged in doing the work to destroy forms of systemic oppression and create new spaces and solutions centered on equity and justice. In this session, therefore, we will guide attendees through the process of a) learning foundational concepts about accompliceship, social justice, and racism, b) hearing facilitator stories of how they worked to develop a sense of accompliceship at their respective universities, c) see examples of accompliceship-informed class activities and assignments, and d) engage in personal discussion and work toward development of accompliceship-informed activities or spaces of their own.
We welcome you to come for all or part of the workshop as your schedule allows. 

Please email to register. 
Your CAE Team, 
Nick Kapoor
Jay Rozgonyi
Emily Smith
Debbie Whalley 

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