Humanitarian Action Fundraiser for Filter Build

 The Humanitarian Action Club is raising money through a popcorn fundraiser for the Annual Filter Build.  The event raises money and builds water filters to give assess to clean water in developing countries! Thanks for supporting!

50% of each purchase benefits this fundraiser.;!!KIFmrYtlezdzESbnm_I!C3gWsZijeCF9Z62ucYgXmtDsJy2oKuiBD5pRbyqIvfqlsrejk66z0jbg0p9tqotmmM2ARIxcYtVgshYhBvQ$



Related Web Site :;!!KIFmrYtlezdzESbnm_I!C3gWsZijeCF9Z62ucYgXmtDsJy2oKuiBD5pRbyqIvfqlsrejk66z0jbg0p9tqotmmM2ARIxcYtVgshYhBvQ$

For more information, contact Julie Mughal / 12032735142 /