Catalytic Converter Thefts

Date: 03-07-2023

Thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles continues to occur throughout Connecticut, including in the Town of Fairfield.  Catalytic converters – which help clean automobile exhaust – have become a target for theft in large part because of the price of precious metals, like palladium and platinum, that are used in the parts. A catalytic converter theft occurred on campus in the area of the Townhouses on Monday morning, March 6th.  

A suspect vehicle has been identified and the Fairfield Police Department is investigating the theft.  As a deterrent, the Townhouse gate on North Benson Road, and the Jogues gate on Round Hill Road, will temporarily be closed. Please use other campus gates for ingress and egress.

If you observe unknown individuals lurking about vehicles on campus please immediately notify Fairfield University Public Safety at 203.254.1234 or Fairfield Police Department at 911.

Thank you


For more information, contact John DeAngelis / 2032544090 /