Get Out the Latinx Vote!

Date: 03-28-2023

Time: 05:00 PM

Location: DiMenna-Nyselius Library 106A

The Latinx population is the second largest group in the US. With that comes a reshaping of political power and representation. In this seminar, we’ll discuss historical patterns of Latinx immigration, Latinx integration into US institutions, and differences between Latinx voters and other “minority” groups. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of Catholicism in the Latinx voting block as a means of understanding why Latinx constituents may be susceptible to cross-pressuring.

Join us to learn about the historical patterns of Latinx immigration and Latinx integration into US institutions with Dr. Gayle Alberda and Dr. Aaron Weinstein, followed by a discussion on Latinx voters and how they are reshaping US politics.

Sponsored by Latinx, Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Department of Politics

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