“Should the Priesthood Be Abolished?” The Center for Catholic Studies - Living Theology Event

Date: 09-25-2019

Time: 04:30 PM

Location: Library Multimedia Room

A lengthy article in Atlantic magazine in the spring of this year, written by the distinguished

author James Carroll, explored the pros and cons of addressing the problems and crises that affect the contemporary Catholic church by abolishing the priesthood. Issues of authority and the scandal of sex abuse can be traced to the persistence of a clerical culture. And this must be swept away.

The Center for Catholic Studies will explore this question in its own way. Our two distinguished speakers will be Fr. Michael Boccaccio, priest of the diocese of Bridgeport, scripture scholar and canon lawyer, and Ms. Jamie Manson, columnist and book review editor for the National Catholic Reporter. But there will also be lots of time for YOUR input on a question that should concern anyone interested in the future of Catholicism.

We look forward to seeing you on September 25.

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