Parking Policy Reminder

In the past few years, the Department of Public Safety has made numerous requests via Fairfield Today, the University website, and in our parking brochure that faculty and staff NOT let their student children drive vehicles displaying a faculty/staff decal and park in faculty/staff lots. With parking lots at capacity, our goal is to help faculty and staff get to classes and their offices with ease. Unfortunately, more and more faculty and staff have been allowing their students’ vehicles to park in the faculty and staff lots and we are exceeding capacity. This presents problems. Not  only are they taking spots from you, the faculty and staff, but DPS is receiving phone calls requesting stricter parking enforcement efforts in these lots reserved for your use only. Many of these students are your children.

Beginning with the 2019 Fall semester, any student found driving a vehicle with a faculty/staff decal will be ticketed and risk losing his or her parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this parking policy.

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