CAE Announces New ChatGPT Workshops on Zoom

Location: Zoom

In these 90-minute Zoom sessions, the CAE will follow up on the various conversations and workshops that were held throughout the Spring semester on the topic of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence. With a number of months of experience – not to mention a number of months for the technology to have improved – we will take a deeper dive into where we stand with this extraordinary new technology. We'll combine discussions with hands-on exercises, and ultimately present some strategies for modifying current assessments in light of AI’s capabilities. By the end of the session, we hope to be able to bring everyone to a point of comfort with the existence of - and hopefully the use of - ChatGPT in their fall classes. 

Prior to the day of the event we will circulate a short reading so you can arrive prepared to begin the work. We also ask you to sign up for an OpenAI/ChatGPT account ahead of time at https::/ so you can fully participate in the day’s activities. That account can also be used with the official ChatGPT app for iPhone or iPad, which can be downloaded at 

Sign up today at Zoom links will be emailed one day to prior to each session.

For more information, contact Jay Rozgonyi / x2416 /