Volunteer for Move-in Weekend

Date: 09-01-2023

From September 1–4, 2023, Fairfield University will be officially welcoming our newest Stags to campus — the class of 2027 — and welcoming back our current students for the fall semester.

Fairfield University is seeking 100 volunteers to help with move in weekend, spread out across 3 days. With first year move-in on a work day, employees volunteering to work on September 1st should seek approval from supervisors before signing up to volunteer.

Since there will be a high volume of people and cars on campus during first year move in, September 1st, supervisors of employees who are unable to volunteer to help, and are able to perform their work assignments from home, are asked to make arrangements for them to work at home if it is reasonable to do so.

All employees – those volunteering, those working from home, and those working on campus – will be paid as per usual that day. Supervisors can contact HR with any additional questions.

Sign-up: https://www.fairfieldsurveys.com/f/41673842/6a9e/

Related Web Site : https://www.fairfieldsurveys.com/f/41673842/6a9e/

For more information, contact Office of Student Engagement / 4053 / engagement@fairfield.edu