Faculty Children Exchange Program (FACHEX)/Tuition Exchange (TUIEX) Information Session for Fairfield Employees

Date: 09-19-2023

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Zoom: https://Fairfield.zoom.us/j/95374849179

The Faculty and Staff Children Exchange program (FACHEX) was established in 1971 by the Association of Jesuit College and Universities (AJCU). It is an undergraduate tuition remission program for the children of current, full-time faculty and staff who are employed at one of the 26 participating Jesuit colleges and universities. Fairfield University is a participant in this program. 

Through this initiative, the dependent children of faculty, administrators, and staff who are eligible for tuition remission at their own Jesuit institutions may be granted tuition remission at one of the participating FACHEX schools. For a more comprehensive overview, visit the FACHEX website at www.tuitionexchange.org.

Fairfield University is also a participant in the Tuition Exchange (TUIEX) program, a partnership of over 600 colleges and universities offering competitive tuition exchange scholarships to dependents of faculty and staff employed at member institutions. The TUIEX website is www.tuitionexchange.org.

Related Web Site : https://www.fairfield.edu/human-resources/faculty-staff-benefits/fachex/

For more information, contact Kristen Smith, Enrollment Management / 2696 / kesmith@fairfield.edu