Classroom Furniture Configuration Request

Fall Greetings Instructors, 

In light of some feedback I received last semester, I would like to note the following about classroom furniture configuration as we all begin the hustle and bustle of moving quickly from room to room. 

Although the maintenance and facilities teams do their best with limited staff to reconfigure furniture to each classroom's original setup (per the diagrams posted on the classroom wall) each night, they cannot make these adjustments during the day between classes.  Thank you for your understanding. 
  • If rooms are not configured the way they need to be for your teaching style or to their official configuration, it is ok to move furniture during your class time. 

  • If you choose to move furniture, please be courteous and return it to its official configuration (per the diagrams on the classroom wall) before leaving the room.  I am sure students would be more than happy to help quickly reconfigure the room.  This will be most helpful to instructors teaching in the room after you. 

  • If you find that during the day the furniture was not reset to its official configuration and moving it is causing a delay to the start of your class, please submit an ITS Help Desk ticket.  Use the Course Scheduling/Room Change Request category so the ticket can be assigned to me directly.  I will address the matter as best as I can.  
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with this matter.  I know we all want to create the best academic experience for our students and it starts with all of you in the classroom, as well as with me, and our maintenance and facilities teams. 

Have a great fall semester, 

Kim Droniak
Director of Academic Scheduling 

For more information, contact Kimberly Droniak / 2035567531 /