Office Supply purchases from Amazon

To all Requisitioners,

Please note, WB Mason is our current contracted University Office Supply company. The spirit of the contract is that in exchange for receiving the greatest discounts on the items representing 80% of the University’s spend we in turn will purchase all of our office supplies from WB Mason. The exception is when the needed item is not available and has no comparable brand from WB Mason or the item is less expensive from another source (Amazon) and WB Mason was unable to match the price when requested.

When checking the WB Mason’s pricing and availability please be sure to use the Workday punch-out catalog with our contracted pricing and not the WB catalog. Below is the contact information for our WB Mason inside sales rep for price matching requests:

Andrew Morris,, (508) 436-8501

If WB Mason can price match please be sure to request they update the item pricing in the Workday catalog. This will change the price of that item for everyone going forward.

If Amazon is cheaper and WB Mason cannot price match, or the item is not available from WB Mason be sure to include that information in the “Internal Memo” field on your requisition. Provide the price comparison in the Internal Memo field as well. This allows us to work with Mason to negotiate better pricing.

In addition, when verifying P-Card charges for Amazon office supplies your justification from the requisition does not carry over to the P-Card charge so you will need to reenter in the “Comments” field when verifying your charge in Workday. This will keep Purchasing from returning your verification for the justification.

Please contact the Purchasing department if you have any questions.

For more information, contact Peter Perez / x2699 /