Varieties of Christianity at Fairfield (Living Theology 1)

Date: 09-20-2023

Time: 05:00 PM

Location: Kelley Presentation Room

While Fairfield University is Catholic and Jesuit in mission, our campus community is home to people from many religious traditions as well as those who do not practice a religion. This panel, the first in a series of three Living Theology events, will feature some of the many Christianities at Fairfield, faith traditions that shape the lives of students, faculty and staff: Byzantine Catholic Church, Maronite Catholic Church, Armenian Apostolic Church, Baptist Church and the United Church of Christ.  


The focus for our faculty and staff speakers will be less on history and theology, and more on their specific experiences of living in these faith traditions; they speak not as experts, but as practitioners, everyday people who were born into, or found, communities that have nourished their spirit and provided a sacred narrative and series of practices that bring meaning and beauty to them and their families. Short reflections from each will be followed by general discussion.  


Please join us!  Sponsored by the Center for Catholic Studies

Wednesday, Sept. 20th | 5:00pm | Kelley Presentation Room


This is an FYE Inspire event, hosted by the students in RLST 1402 01: Introduction to Catholicism

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