Effective 09/25/23 - The “Per Diem – Meals” Rates and “Employee Retirement Celebrations” Allowed Amounts Have Been Updated

The University allowed reimbursement amounts for “Per Diem – Meals” and “Employee Retirement Celebrations” has been updated as follows.

Per Diem Allowances: Effective 09-25-2023 The per diem allowance will be $69.00 per day (previously $50.00) and will be allocated as follows:

Breakfast = $12 (must be on travel status prior to 7 a.m.)

Lunch = $17 (must be on travel status prior to noon)

Dinner = $35 (must be on travel status prior to 5 p.m.)

Incidentals = $5

Workday has been updated to reflect the new amounts and will use the appropriate rate based on the travel date.

Please remember that Fairfield University uses the lower of actual expenses or per diem rates for reimbursement of meals and incidental expenses.

Employee retirement celebrations: Employee retirements are celebrated at the annual employee recognition luncheon. However, departments may incur up to a maximum of $400 (previously $300.00) when choosing to celebrate the retirement of a long-standing employee (15 years of service or greater). Any amount over $400.00 becomes the personal responsibility of the department head and staff.

For more information, contact Robert Messert / x-2161 / Rmessert@fairfield.edu